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  • Songwriting tips from music-industry pros
  • Advice on how to market your songs, find song publishers and succeed in the music business
  • How to write songs that sell and make money in the music business
  • Helpful advice on all aspects of songwriting, lyric writing and music composition
  • Tips on how to connect with music producers, recording artists and song publishers
  • Songwriting organizations and associations
  • Song contests and events for songwriters
  • Tips on how to succeed in the music business as a songwriter, lyric writer or composer


Get Your Music Career In Gear!
Learn the Craft
& Business of Songwriting

Songwriters: How To SucceedSmart tips on how to succeed as a songwriter in today's music business

A Practical View Of CopyrightsHow To Copyright Your Songs and protect your work interests

Examining What It Takes To Write Great Song Lyrics — examines the art and craft of lyric-writing

Record Industry vs. Songwriters?NT Times report: Record Industry Braces for Artists’ Battles Over Song Rights

Dream or Delusion? Do You Have What It Takes? Advice and insight from veteran songwriter Michael Anderson

Sharing the Art of Songwriting — Making a difference using the gift of song.

How To Create A Successful Blog Practical guide for songwriters, lyricists, artists & bands

Poetry & Lyrics: Similar But Distinct Art Forms Why good poems don't always work as good song lyrics

10 Ways To Get Your Songs Recorded A top songwriting consultant reveals how songwriters can get heard by publishers

How To Write A Song Smart advice from ace songwriter Robin Frederick, a seasoned pro in the music business and a top judge in the annual Great American Song Contest

Getting Heard In A "No Unsolicited Material" World — by John Braheny, author of The Craft & Business of Songwriting.

How To Write A Hit Song — Songwriting tips on basic songwriting techniques

Songwriting Tips From the ProsCo-Writing and collaboration advice from a top Nashville songwriter

Songwriting News From Nashville How to write a hit song from professional songwriters and song publishers

Songwriting 101: Recording Your Demo Tips For A Fun & Successful Recording Session

The Power of AdvertisingSongwriters score big in television advertising

Test Your Musical I.Q. How much do you know about music? Fun facts & songwriting trivia!

Top Songs of the Century — What do the songs "Good Vibrations," "Stand By Me" & "American Pie" have in common? The Recording Industry Association of America says they are among the most influential songs of all time.

News Flash! Music Is Healthy For Humans Does research show what songwriters and musicians already know? Yes!

Aren't Computers Wonderful? Compose music, write songs and record songs using your computer

How To Set Up Your Own Music Website — Get heard in the music business. Create music. Publish songs. A basic guide.


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