Songwriters Resource Network: News and Opportunities for Songwriters!
Songwriters Resource Network: News and Opportunities for Songwriters!

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Songwriters Resource Network is a trusted news and education resource for songwriters, lyricists and music composers everywhere.

The mission of Songwriters Resource Network is to empower songwriters with reliable information on all aspects of the songwriting process, including lyric writing, music composition and song publishing.

Songwriters Resource Network provides useful tips and how-to articles to help aspiring songwriters improve their craft, discover songwriting opportunities, network to find contacts, and ultimately succeed in today's music business.

Songwriters Resource Network provides:

  • Helpful articles on the craft and business of songwriting
  • Networking opportunities to help songwriters open doors in the music business
  • Events to promote the art of songwriting, lyric writing and music composition


Songwriters Resource Network is supported by established professional songwriters, publishers, recording artists, music producers, and other music-industry pros. Contributing generously, these individuals share their experience and expertise to help talented and promising songwriters. (SRN Mission Statement)

Songwriters Resource Network is a free educational resource for songwriters, lyricists and composers. No membership is required.


  • Helpful tips on how to write songs and market songs. Educational articles about song writing.
  • Hundreds of music-industry contacts, including song publishers who are looking for songs, music and lyrics.
  • Free ads for songwriters who are seeking music producers and song publishers
  • Free ads for songwriters, lyricists and music composers seeking connections in the music business
  • Tips and articles on how to get your songs heard. Advice on how to connect with song publishers
  • How to find opportunities in film, television and advertising
  • How to copyright songs and copyright music.
  • How to find songwriting and music publishing opportunities
  • How to find song writing partners, song publishers, music producers and recording artists
  • Opportunities to get your songs heard: Recommended Songwriting contests, annual Lyric Writing contest and Instrumental competition for music composers


Songwriters Resource Network provides educational tools to help songwriters find success in the music business.

The actual work of promoting your music and marketing your songs, however, is up to you! No one is likely to undertake the demanding job of marketing songs for songwriters who lack a basic understanding of how the music business works.

Songwriters must be willing to market their own songs to be successful.


Talent and developed songwriting skills are necessary to achieve success as a songwriter, a lyricist or a music composer. In addition, educating yourself on the music business, building a support network, and learning ways to market your songs are equally important.

Take time to look around this website. Study articles that relate to your specific interests in songwriting. Learn about song publishing and the music business. Take advantage of the many opportunities to network with other songwriters, musicians, lyricists and music composers.

Then reach out to people who can help you. Find opportunities to show your songs. Let people know your songwriting goals. Listen to suggestions. Learn from feedback you receive.

If you want to be a professional songwriter, invest as much time and energy to songwriting as you would to any other profession. After all, it's no easier to become a songwriter than it is to become a teacher, mechanic, dental hygienist or pilot. Each requires applied study, aptitude and commitment.

Finally, whether you write songs for your own personal enjoyment or for professional ambitions, your musical voice and your songs are uniquely your own. Only you can give them life.

"If music be the food of love, play on." William Shakespeare


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Songwriters Resource Network presents excellent articles on the art & business of songwriting. Learn to market your songs!

Use SRN's free Songwriter Billboards to meet other songwriters, musicians, lyricists, recording artists & music publishers.

The annual Great American Song Contest. Top music-industry judges. Prizes, Awards & Pro Critiques. Highly recommended.

Lyricists & Song Poets unite! Information, contact tips and opportunities for the talented folks who write song lyrics.

Books and publications to help you in your music career. Learn the business of songwriting, lyric writing and music publishing.

Songwriters Resource Network presents great Links for songwriters, musicians, lyricists and song publishers.


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