"The Great American Song Contest exceeded my most optimistic expectations. Everything was handled professionally, the caliber of judging was impressive and the results were more than I ever hoped for." T. Douglas Bush, San Diego CA


Below is a QUICK & EASY SONG CONTEST GUIDE to help you decide if the Great American Song Contest is the right songwriting contest for you.

Read the following four items. Choose the answers that most closely reflect your attitude. Note your preferences between the (A) and (B) answers, then score 10 points for each (B) answer you choose.

(A) I want a chance to win a Big Cash prize, even if it means I'm competing with 25,000 or more songs under ruthlessly competitive conditions.
(B) I'm less interested in the lure of big cash prizes and more interested in practical opportunities to get my songs reviewed and evaluated by helpful and knowledgeable music-industry pros.

(A) I realize some song contests might not thoroughly review my songs, but that doesn't bother me.
(B) I prefer a songwriting contest which guarantees that every song will be thoroughly considered and respectfully reviewed.

(A) I don't mind paying high entry fees since my only goal is to win big money.
(B) I don't want to pay high entry fees just so a few top winners can get a big cash prize. I prefer less emphasis on money and more emphasis on actual benefits for all participating songwriters.

I don't want to receive feedback on my songs.
(B) I would like to receive written evaluations on my work from the contest judges.

* Score 10 points for each "B" answer you selected from the above four items, then add up the total points.

40 points: This is definitely the best songwriting contest for you.
30 points: This is probably the best songwriting contest for you.
20 points: This may not be the best songwriting contest for you.
10 points: This is definitely not the songwriting contest for you.


EVERYONE who enters the Great American Song Contest receives the following:

  • Multiple awards & prizes in all ten categories — a total of 50 awards (5 per category)
  • ALL entries receive a thorough review from the contest judges
  • ALL entrants are sent an entry confirmation as their songs are received
  • ALL participates receive their written evaluations at the completion of the contest

TIn addition, the Great American Song Contest proudly
features some of the music industry's top judges!
Judges & How Songs Are Judged

NOTE: The sound quality of your recordings is NOT important. Judges focus on the song only, NOT the quality of the recording or performance.

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