"Thank you for providing such a rewarding songwriting contest for songwriters!
The evaluations were very helpful."
Lisa Thompson, Columbus OH

14th Annual

How many times have you wanted to get your songs heard by music industry professionals? Or wished you had a songwriting award to help promote your music to publishers, producers and the music media?

The Great American Song Contest is designed to benefit each and every songwriter, lyricist and music composer who participates.

Created by songwriters, this highly recommended songwriting contest offers a positive alternative to the hype and high fees of "big-cash-prize" song competitions.

With other songwriting contests, a few winners walk away with prizes while everyone else receives nothing. With the Great American Song Contest, 45 songwriters win awards and everyone who enters gains valuable benefits!

Awards & Opportunities

The Great American Song Contest offers you:

  • Opportunities to get your songs, lyrics and instrumental music heard by qualified music-industry professionals
  • Opportunities to get your songs evaluated by music pros
  • Opportunities to win prestigious awards and valuable prizes
  • Opportunities to move your songwriting career forward, promote your songs and open doors in the music business

Prizes & Benefits

45 awards in ten different songwriting categories

ALL entries reviewed by music-industry professionals

ALL submissions receive written evaluations from the contest judges

ALL contest participants receive an entry confirmation upon receipt of their entries


GREAT AMERICAN SONG CONTEST Unlike most song contests around these days, the Great American Song Contest makes it easy to know how your songs are evaluated, who the judges are and how the whole process works. See why the Great American Song Contest is the best songwriting contest for you!

A GUIDE TO SONGWRITING CONTESTS If you prefer a quick and easy overview of songwriting contests, try this guide.

A SURVEY OF SONGWRITERS What makes a great songwriting contest? Songwriters around the world offer their opinions.


Prizes & Benefits

Judges & Judging

Lyric Writing category

Songwriting Contest FAQ

Why This Contest Is Best

International Entries (outside USA /Canada)


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